During the Business Technology Standard (BT Standard) Practitioner course, you will get familiarised with the Business Technology Standard’s open-source extension materials and learn how to use the different models and concepts within an organisation’s high-level operating model.

Attending the Business Technology Standard Practitioner course requires you to have the BT Standard Green Card certification. Please, see the instructions for the BT Standard Green card certification test here

The course is recommended for people who want to:

  • know what different elements of the BT Standard are and how they work together
  • learn how to make use of BT Standard’s models and frameworks
  • take all available materials into use without adjustments

After this course, the participants can take the certification test and after passing the test, the participants get the BT extension materials (as PDFs) according to the list below:

      Extension materials

  • Roles, Skills and Responsibilities
  • Governance levels and Unified End-to-End Flow Governance
  • Operating Model for Data Governance
  • Portfolio Management and Development Governance
  • Gate-Based Project Management
  • Sprint-Based Agile Development
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • Service Integration

During this training day you will learn:

  • which elements are needed to take business technology into use in an organisation
  • the purpose of value streams and what types of value streams can be designed
  • how the identity-based BT roles and responsibilities model can be used in practice
  • how to support the minimum viable governance principles with the three-level governance model
  • what is needed to design and implement business-focused governance practices for data management
  • how to use the BT Standard best-practice methodologies and models for end-to-end development
  • how to select the best-fit methodology for the development flows
  • the essential principles and practices for efficient management of services throughout their lifecycle


This course is planned to be part of the Service Governance Designer course. See more info from related courses below.



  • The cost of the  training programme is 1000 € (+ VAT) including the Business Technology Standard certification exam.


Interested in discussing more about the Business Technology Standard Practitioner certification course? Please contact us at info@btforum.org.