In today’s digital landscape, success depends on an organisation’s ability to adapt and innovate. This requires a fundamental reassessment of collaborative practices to ensure they are aligned with the evolving demands of technology. The essence of such adaptation is expressed in your operating model, which is the critical enabler for redesigning workflows and refining your organisational culture and ways of working.

The Business Technology Standard (BTS) provides a pragmatic operating model designed to seamlessly integrate business and technology. This approach fosters a collaborative atmosphere where multiple stakeholders come together to drive effective transformation projects. BTS provides a structured yet adaptable framework that ensures these transformations support immediate operational needs, while paving the way for achieving long-term strategic goals. This balance is vital for organisations seeking to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Business Technology Standard (BTS) Coach Certification

Elevate your proficiency with the BTS Coach Certification course to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Business Technology Operating Model and how to adapt the framework to an organisation. You will also learn how to deliver workshops and training courses based on the best practice approach and thinking of the BT Standard. You will also be able to build a successful transformation programme to support the implementation of the BT Standard.

Why choose this course?

Designed for BTS professionals: Divided into two one-day modules, the course provides an in-depth exploration of the BT Standard operating model. You will learn the best practices and methodologies for designing and running workshops to support the design of organisation-specific implementation of the BT Standard.

You will also learn how to support the transformation of the organisational culture and operations through the implementation of new ways of working. By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently present the basic concepts and principles of the BT Standard.

The BTS Coach programme is tailored to support your professional development as a BT Standard expert: the two days are packed with insightful sessions that combine topic introductions with practical application, ensuring you can apply what you learn directly to your daily work.


Course outline:

DAY 1: Designing the BT Operating Model

  • Deepen your understanding of the core concepts of the BT Operating Model: minimum viable governance, key roles, and end-to-end flow governance.
  • Explore the key roles and responsibilities of the BT Standard Operating Model
  • Understand the idea behind value streams and design principles.

DAY 2: BT Operating Model Implementation

  • Learn to use and adapt the BT Standard materials without losing the compliance within other parts of the framework.
  • Plan how to run design workshops for fast adaptation of the BTS to the organisation.
  • Learn how to support the transformation of the organisational culture and ways of working in different phases of the transformation journey.
  • Learn the key messages to get the buy-in from the key stakeholders and sponsor for the operating model uplift and renewal.


Prerequisite: BT Standard Green card and BTS Practitioner Foundation certificates and attendance to one or more BTS deep-dive sessions.


Who Should Attend? This course has been crafted for:

  • BT Standard professionals aspiring to become BTS coaches for the operating model and/or selected deep-dive area.
  • Lead designers in the BTS operating model implementation projects.
  • Operating model leads and experts responsible in maintaining and updating the organisation’s operating model


The cost of the 2-day training programme is 3 000 € (+ VAT)

Dates: 2.-3.9.2024

Sessions are held from 9:00-17:00 CET including a 1hr lunch break



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