BT Standard Practitioner Certification course 

During the Business Technology Standard (BT Standard) Practitioner course you will become familiar with the Business Technology Standard’s open-source extension materials and learn how to use the different models and concepts in your daily work. 

Why Choose This Course? 

Comprehensive Learning Journey: Structured around two 1-day modules, the course offers a blend of foundational knowledge and in-depth exploration of the BT Standard. Whether you’re new to the standard or looking to deepen your expertise, our program is tailored to your professional growth. 

Engaging Curriculum Tailored to Professionals: The two days are packed with insightful sessions combining topic introductions with practical application, ensuring you can directly apply what you learn to your daily work. 

Course breakdown: 

DAY 1: BTS foundation  

  • Get a concise overview of the BT Standard, including its purpose and development principles. 
  • Delve into the BT Standard operating model and roles, laying the groundwork for advanced application. 
  • Explore the BT Standard extension materials in-depth, learning how to effectively utilize them in various business contexts. 

DAY 2: BTS Deep-dive 

During this training day, for the selected topic you will: 

  • Choose a focus area (such as operating model, demand planning, development or service governance) for a tailored learning experience. 
  • Engage with extension materials specific to your selected topic, supported by an AI assistant designed for practical, scenario-based learning. 
  • Enhance your confidence in discussing and applying BT Standard concepts within your specialisation. 
  • Grasp the core principles, house rules, and adaptation guidelines of the BT Standard for practical application. 


Who Should Attend

This course is crafted for those committed to developing a more effective university operating model and fostering common ways of working, this course offers practical insights for strategic application in the higher education context.

  • Professional keen to understand the different elements of the BT Standard and its components.
  • Those aspiring to integrate BT Standard frameworks and models into their daily operations for enhanced efficiency and innovation.
  • Individuals looking to grasp the core principles, house rules, and adaptation guidelines of the BT Standard.



The cost of the 2-day training programme is 2 000 € (+ VAT).

Sessions are held from 9:00-17:00 CET including a lunch break 



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